An Afternoon of Street Photography


Wonderland – The Bow Building







I recently purchased a DSLR camera, and of course I was eager to test it out. I discovered a Meetup group that seemed perfect for practising my photography skills. On Saturday afternoon, a group of avid photographers met by the ‘big face’ in front of the Bow Building, and we embarked on a 2 hour photography walk in downtown Calgary.

I had the opportunity to take some fantastic shots of the architecture, and the lighting was perfect! I have always had a passion for human interest stories, and I love browsing photography blogs that feature street photography, particularly fashion, and candid photographs of people.

I found some diverse and wonderful subjects this afternoon. I met some people from Ethiopia, who were taking in the Spring sun, I also came across some teenagers just enjoying their Saturday afternoon at the skate park. There was a busker with his orangey red guitar strumming some tunes for passersby strolling down Stephen Avenue, and a gentleman in Devonian Gardens playing the most famous piano melody of all, Fur Elise.

I had a lovely afternoon rediscovering downtown Calgary, and I am looking forward to exploring more that this vibrant city has to offer!

Beauty awakens the soul to act. – Dante Alighieri


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