“There is only one race, the human race.” – Robert Sobukwe, Freedom Fighter

I am appalled at what has transpired in the United States this Summer. However, when looking at race relations and racism one has to explore the world and not just the United States. African people have had to fight the longest hurdle when it comes to racism. It is 2016 and they are still fighting the plight that Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela amongst others have struggled and sacrificed for.

The events that have occurred has troubled and disturbed me. It is time that the world does not just mourn for a week. There needs to be a bigger impact than a mere hashtag! World leaders and activists need to start a greater debate about racism. I believe that this discussion needs to begin at the school level. Children are not born to discriminate based on race, it is taught at home and rooted in an unjustness that needs to end.

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How is it acceptable that a black mother in the United States has to teach her black son to be fearful of the police and to be submissive to their orders for fear of being a victim of police brutality.

I grew up in a country that has had to overcome their own struggles with racism and 22 years after democracy is it still a daily battle. South Africa is situated at the southern most tip of Africa. It is a vibrant country with a rich past, however much of its history has been discolored, due to the volatility that existed during the apartheid era. Apartheid was a terrible time and was filled with discrimination and hate towards non-white people. We need to be stronger and not turn to divisive measures that hinder democracy.

Perhaps America needs to adopt a similar peace making process to achieve closure known as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. There have been countries in the world to use this process such as, South Africa and Canada. This may quell the feelings of discontent amongst many black American youth and encourage them to have a transparent and seamless discussion about racism, discrimination, and marginalization.  

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