Catch and Kill

I recently read a book called Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow who is a lawyer and investigative journalist and the son of Hollywood actress Mia Farrow and director Woody Allen. Farrow was inspired to write this book because he grew up in the entertainment industry and he is a big advocate for supporting abused women or as they call themselves “survivors”. To Catch and Kill exposes the predatory history of the film producer, Harvey Weinstein and the various women that came forward with allegations against Weinstein.

Catch and Kill is a riveting account exposing that stories of abuse by powerful people are stories of the failure of board culture. Through Farrow’s investigation he details how Weinstein was able to buy off many people at the top and how most of the executives in the entertainment industry were complicit and provided a shelter for Weinstein’s questionable behaviour. Farrow explores how the media outlets pursue stories and interviews of these women only to compensate them for the rights to their story and then “kill” the stories to ensure that the victims have no voice. Farrow risked his journalistic career in exposing Weinstein, however his bravery to do so has paved the way for victims to have a voice and this gave effect to the Me-Too movement.  

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